Ontario: Strong Industrial Roots
Machining in OntarioOntario has built a strong reputation as a world-class industrial province. Ontario became well-known as a source of natural resources and continues to produce large amounts of timber and minerals in the northern area of the province. Southern Ontario has emerged as a manufacturing hub with strong construction and metal production industries employing many residents.
Mining continues to be a strong source of industry in the province with Ontario ranking as one of the highest producers of nickel worldwide. There are also large deposits of gold, copper and silver that consistently delivers impressive yields in northern Ontario.
Agriculture and forestry have traditionally been important economical elements for the province. Large amounts of land in Ontario are used for farming. These farms are home to large numbers of livestock and crops that help to sustain this important industry. Different areas of the province are known for having especially fertile soil where crops consistently grow very well.
Ontario has quickly become the leading auto production area in all of North America. Many of the world's leading car manufacturers have plants situated in the southern part of the province. The volume manufacturing of vehicles is one of the biggest elements fueling a strong provincial economy.
Machining in Ontario
Machining is absolutely vital to the major industries that are present in the province. Machining is the most important element of manufacturing with companies consistently spending large portions of budgets on machining services.
Machining is defined as the removal of material from a raw material in order to make it a more preferable shape or size. Metal machining is the most common type of machining used for manufacturing, especially in the auto industry. Products that require a tight tolerance and precise dimensions will rely heavily on the various machining processes to achieve the necessary finish.
Most of the prominent industries in Ontario rely heavily on the use of complex machinery to be successful. Machining is often used to produce the parts for these machines and it is also used to repair them when they require servicing.
The place where the machining processes take place is called a "machine shop”. These machine shops can vary in size with large machine shops being outfitted with the equipment necessary to move and work on heavy materials. Some of these shops have equipment on hand to work on objects weighing upwards of 30 metric tonnes.
The Future of Industry in Ontario
The leading industries in the province are in a position to keep thriving. These industries will continue to thrive as a result of the high quality machining services that are available in Ontario. Some of these machine shops have been servicing the province for over 40 years. The success is due to an unwavering dedication to investment in the latest machining technologies. Highly skilled labour is also an important element to consistent quality and meeting tight production deadlines. Successful machining in Ontario revolves around the ability to accommodate large projects, custom and volume production that allow machine shops to service as many clients as possible.
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